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Welcome to The Mackenzie ProtocolTM


We are now offering  delivery worldwide to resellers and researchers the scientifically validated and USA patented inventions of Dr. Igor Smirnov using Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET technology)

These include-

1. the MRET Water Activator for producing, at the touch of a button, scientifically validated anti viral and anti bacterial water with properties that enhance longevity processes.

2. the MRET WaveRider for protection against biological damage in homes or offices from 5G Wifi signals without affecting the working operation of the actual wifi devices.

Anti-aging research on a budget!

The Mackenzie Protocol Philosophy

Tony Mackenzie has been a personal pioneer of study into scientific principles of anti aging research at a cellular level since around 1968 when he was 20 years old.

The Mackenzie Protocol™ name was originally used as far back as 1998 and a website was set up in 2009 to encourage and follow genuine scientific research into all of the different, and often opposing, longevity research of over 40 years and especially to follow the integration of longevity protocols as scientific longevity research unfolds.

It is a philosophical approach towards anti aging not a medical protocol and we believe the ultimate truth will be found in meta research to be multi factorial. We make the ingredients available for researchers without making any medical claims.

The philosophy is not to attempt to overturn long established medical protocols but to encourage progressive professionals to seek out and consider all additional protocols that the latest new science discoveries have to offer in a true integration of the best of old and new protocols.

The landscape has changed considerably in recent years as Longevity Research has become a legitimate and recognised discipline.

The Mackenzie Protocol™ is a trade name and website currently owned by Advantage Impex Co UK Ltd, a company formed by Tony Mackenzie in 2003 originally to market his own formula and brand of high purity cycloastragenol based capsules called HTA98™. His range of trademarked products has now progressed to all the latest longevity protocols and associated encapsulated products and raw ingredients, for international distribution, amongst a full list of cutting edge research ingredients.

The company online trade shop at also now supplies non formulated 98% pure raw cycloastragenol powder in quantities as small as 1 gram.

Tony had been researching this product for decades, knowledge of which had been in the public domain since the 1980's. He has repeatedly been the victim of dirty tricks and smear campaigns from vested interests but, in the cause of maintaining dignity he generally declines to comment, and this stance is now recognised for it's integrity from many long-standing supporters worldwide.

Other longevity protocols have been followed by Tony going back over 40 years and his belief that all should be integrated into modern research is borne out by the worldwide support he now enjoys from qualified and progressive researchers and practitioners in the fields of integrated medicine, orthomolecular, naturopathy etc. who continue to require the supply of previously hard to find ingredients such as epithalon powder and other bio-regulator research peptides.

He now has thousands of worldwide followers amongst qualified medical professionals and researchers. Both low quantities or bulk supplies are available at competitive prices . All supplied for research only and the general public are not supplied.

Integrated protocols include Antioxidant, calorie restriction mimetics (resveratrol), mitochondrial, and telomere support, DNA methylation etc.

We have now launched new sites at and

This latter site is specialising in the new science of energy medicine which includes

*photobiomodulation using LED's that emit invisible light at the near infra red frequency of 850nm

*The patented inventions of Dr. Igor Smirnov using Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET technology)

The company owns the UK registered mark for "invisiblehealing" as well as offering free worldwide delivery to practitioners who want to pioneer in these cutting edge disciplines.

The full range of products available can be purchased at the company trade shop for practitioners, resellers and researchersThe Longevity


We now have numerous tm products and our connections on LinkedIn are currently nearing 11,000 internationally who are mainly practitioners. As the owner is now suffering from near blindness the whole group of Internet asssets are to be offered for sale.

Full details will be made available at For Sale Page

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