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This was written in March 2011 before our recent exponential growth in recognition. We are now supplying to buyers, dealers and distributors on 5 continents.

The Message

At The Mackenzie Protocol we have no interest in selling masses of cheap and worthless supplements to buyers who don't understand what they are getting neither are we in business to break records for achieving massive turnover. Mind you if it happens............. (I promise to donate money to research when I can)

I found out some interesting, valid and beneficial information through some years of study and I want to share that information. If you don't study the content and research behind the information you wont be able to judge it fairly. If you do study the background and find it hard to believe please don't blame me as I am just the messenger.

The truth of the message comes from leading researchers and scientists at the cutting edge and it takes time for this cutting edge information to filter through to mainstream levels of understanding.

The company has only been launched as a small family business but a dormant, ready and waiting, PLC has been formed just in case some financial people might later see a benefit in floating the company publicly and want to take it over to give me a rest. In the meantime we are privately funded and managed with no debts. Until there is enough open mindedness to change the large scale demand for our Protocol we will happily remain at the current level.

We are a family owned business that exists to educate the public about new understandings in selected natural molecules and to provide options that can improve their quality of life and, hopefully, lifespan.

I started all this because of my own health challenges and because of health concerns of close family and many other acquaintances, no longer with us, who ignored my advice and considered my studies as inconsequential. I find it very frustrating that people don't believe that their doctors, working on information and methods that are decades old, could possibly be unaware of valuable information regarding major illnesses and diseases that are now at epidemic proportions in the western world. The methods being used to try to overcome many of these diseases (usually unsuccessfully in the long term) are still mainly outdated and are based on a slash and burn mentality. In fact they are an industry in themselves.

It's not the doctors I am blaming as most of them are hard working,overworked and conscientious and, as a result, have little time to consider anything not fed to them by the pharmaceutical companies. I am blaming the system that educates them.

In spite of all the personal disparagement I have had to suffer (and I am still experiencing) over this project, in an effort to advise people of cutting edge research that can help them, I am nevertheless keeping my own interests at heart as my family male-line genetic disposition could possibly be suggesting that, at age 63, I don't have much longer to go in my genetically allocated DNA replication cycle and evidence of this is already showing.

If I can get through the next couple of years and show evidence of telomere improvement together with physical well-being and overcoming current heart and blood pressure problems I will, at the very least, be able to say "told you so!"

I for one,will be taking part in my own protocol when it starts soon and will be taking the expensive and rare molecule that I am importing at a very high purity level and which is the mainstay of the protocol supported by the other cellular enhancing supplements that are also now at the cutting edge of the new ant-aging science being pursued by leading scientists.

I can't afford to wait another decade or so before this information becomes fully accepted by official verdict and the information from scientific papers already out there is good enough for me at the moment.

The law will not allow these natural products to be sold with any claims for what they are capable of achieving because they are not medically tested drugs. You can "trial" what you want and look at the results. It's called informed choice.

Pharmaceutical companies are the only organisations able to do medically recognised trials at a cost of millions of pounds per product viably but they can't get a patent for a natural product so there is no money in it for them. The result is they wont do the required tests and therefore nobody gets to tell the doctors. Most of the mainstream medical community will not even examine the evidence that is there but there is now a growing body of them taking a more progressive viewpoint in what is known as Integrative Medicine.

No conspiracy theory just a simple fact of life.

Some of my protocol has already "in my opinion" helped me to manage my diabetes type 2 when I first discovered transdermal magnesium therapy and resveratrol before most people had even heard of this amazing molecule. You can see some early history of my studies at

If I can prove for myself that the telomerase activation theory using the rare Asian molecule is valid, as many others in the USA and numerous scientific papers, have already demonstrated then the ant-aging benefit will be worth more to me than making lots of money or in trying to establish what some people seem to think is either a dangerous or crackpot theory. (As I said it's not my theory I'm just the messenger.)

This business seemed like a good idea when I formulated it and it will fall or rise on the basis of peoples' confidence in the message. The success or otherwise of this business will make no major difference to my quality of life as I already earn a modest living from another totally unconnected business. and my needs are modest.

Either people want to accept wisdom or they don't. Winston Churchill said, "most people occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had ever happened"

The Protocol is now available to clients worldwide.

Tony Mackenzie - March 2011

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Disclaimer:- All comments made by Tony Mackenzie, Advantage Impex Co Uk ltd, Global Trade Group or The Mackenzie Protocol are based on personal study and research but are not implied as, nor should they be construed as, medical advice. You should always seek independent medical advice and follow the instructions of your chosen healthcare provider. If you don't think that the advice you get from that source is fully informed as to the latest scientific research then maybe you should consider finding another qualified adviser. None of our information is intended as any substitute for necessary personal medical attention.

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